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Andreesen Horowitz Invest in NR (Non-Reality) Startup Founded by Adam Neumann

Congratulations to Adam Neumann for being able to raise money from Andreesen Horowitz. I can't say the same thing for Andreesen Horowitz for investing in Adam Neumann.

Adam Neumann is the notorious co-founder and CEO of WeWork. A man who raised billions of dollars selling $10 bills for $8 in the coworking space industry. When I think of Adam Neumann I think of a person who overpromises and is deceitful. A man who likes to gaslight people into thinking that just because the accounting says a company is losing money doesn't mean the company is losing money.

It seems like Silicon Valley likes to invest in big ideas that make big promises, that are "pre-revenue", where founder's get rich while company loses money based on big promises. Reminds me of countless times someone tries to recruit me into a Multi-Level Marketing venture.

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