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VR Please Stop Trying to Connect the World

I find it very frustrating the efforts how many companies in VR are focusing on "making VR become the next internet." The internet, you know, the thing that changed the way we communicate with one another, changed the way we shop, changed the way we play video games, changed the way we work, and of course and most importantly, changed the way we consume porn.

Companies like Meta seem to have an ambition for VR to be a bigger game changer than the internet. The majority of people are unaware of VR's amazing abilities. VR currently can be used to train how to fly a plane or simulate being an astronaut in outer space. Facebook is currently spending millions of dollars advertising how VR allows two people in different locations to catch fake fish in a virtual environment. Just what the world with Zoom fatigue is anxious for. Catching fake fish in a virtual environment.

The world asked the internet to provide a solution to make shopping and sending mail as quick and easy as clicking on a button. The world asked for convenience and the internet gave it to them. The world never asked for outdoor nature activities like fishing to become a virtual "experience."

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