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Global Tilt Brush Art Fest and Tournament

Updated: Feb 27, 2020


Another Reality is proud to sponsor the Global VR Art Fest and Tournament with Ziyi Tech.

The Global Tilt Brush Art Fest and Tournament consist of local one-day mini-festivals to celebrate the wonders of Tilt Brush for creating environments.

By attending a local festival and tournament in your city you will get to explore and see different the visual spectaculars made possible by Tilt Brush, explore how different people use Tilt Brush for creating environments that people can walk through, and compete to win prizes for drawing environments in Tilt Brush. Right now, it will be taking place in 9 locations across the globe at the following locations.

London (UK)- Realities Centre New York City- Jump Into The Light Brooklyn- RLabs Seattle- Beyond Reality Shanghai - ZIXI Tech

Brisbane - Free Space VR Arcade Melbourne - Entermission Sydney - Entermission

This will be a fun event to attend for spectating, for networking with newbies and veterans of the Tilt Brush/VR art community, and/or competing for prizes.

All drawing participants will be able to compete in a tournament for making the most immersive VR art environment.

Each participant has 45 minutes to draw to give everyone the same amount of time and advantage.

Mingle, Mix, and Music

This will be a fun event for participants to watch and see newbies and experienced Tilt Brush users are remixing and creating environments hand-drawn in VR. While getting to mingle and connect with new people inside or new to the VR art community.

During the event we will even have a live DJ broadcasting via Twitch making electronic music entirely in VR powered by TribeXR.


There will be local winners in each city and two grand prize winners for the Another Reality ARtist Award, and Another Reality Best New Artist Award.

Grand Prize Includes:

Get Featured on a Times Square Billboard


$1000 USD

All expense paid trip to attend AWE conference in the city of winners choice in either Santa Clara, Tel-Aviv, Munich, or Shenzhen.


Get featured for 2 months at The Museum of Other Realities


With more perks and prizes expected to be announced between now and February.

The flagship tournament at Realities Centre begins at noon. If you arrive after 5pm there will be refreshments with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

This is a social event designed to connect the Tilt Brush artist community with newbies to Tilt Brush. And is not only a contest.

If you would like to request a media or press pass please email


The majority of judges will not be local host is to make choosing winners free from any form of personal or business bias

Paul Rock

Paul is co-founder of Another Reality. Another Reality is a Canadian/US Location Based Entertainment company with a flagship high tech entertainment center serving the Greater Toronto Area.


Dr. John Holder

Dr. John Holder has a PHD in Digital Art. He works as Creative Technologist for the Realities Centre. The Realities Centre is the UK's leading VR Centre. Realities Centre enables the augmented, mixed and virtual reality ecosystem. Bridging the gaps between creatives, startups and corporations through events, education, incubation, consulting and development.


Leila Amirsadegh- CEO of MESH

Leila has over 20-years of experience in Entertainment, Technology and Live Event Production, designing, building and producing integrated marketing campaigns, experiential activations, brand events, festivals and digital products for some of the world’s most notable brands. Leila’s experience in digital product development spans AR/MR/XR, OTT, mobile & web for Art, Entertainment and Video Games, and she has created and helped launch award-winning campaigns for a number of TV & Movie titles including The Walking Dead, Jurassic World and Ready Player One. Leila co-founded and launched the 20,000 sq.ft. LBE, Onedome, in San Francisco in 2018, featuring three immersive entertainment experiences (F.E.A.S.T, LMNL and The Unreal Garden); including the world’s first mass-consumer, AR multiplayer mixed reality experience.Leila has worked with some of the world’s largest brands including Disney, Microsoft, Warner Bros, Google, DreamWorks and Adobe, and with some of the world’s most successful location-based entertainment startups including Two Bit Circus, the VOID and Electric Playhouse. Leila currently consults within the XR world under her own brand, MESH, and is an advisor to a number of XR & LBE startups including Enklu, Portals, Vibiana Immersive, Otherside and WeHOWL.

About her company, Mesh

MESH is a consultancy providing strategic guidance, planning & execution of location-based XR projects, immersive installations & interactive experiences.At its core, MESH is a highly curated network of talent, capabilities and resources across every spectrum of the XR, immersive & interactive mediums. Matching needs and capabilities and ensuring alignment across the board, MESH carefully selects its partners to create long-standing relationships between all parties.– MESH works with Location-Based Entertainment companies on Operations, Content Curation, XR Product Development & Marketing.– MESH works with XR companies to drive awareness & adoption of their products.– MESH works with Retail & Real-Estate Developers on solutions that drive traffic, increase dwell time and engage their audience.– MESH works with Brands & Agencies on experiential activations with XR at the core. 📷


Paige Dansinger- Founder of Better World Museum

Paige is a Minneapolis based immersive artist who was a resident of Inaugural Facebook Community Leadership Fellow. She is also the founder of Better World Museum in Minneapolis. She has exhibited or presented at:

TEDxSolomon R. Guggenheim in NYCNobel Peace Prize ForumAugmented World ExpoFacebook Global Safety and Wellness Summit, NYC📷

George Berlin- Founder of George Berlin Studios

George Berlin is an animator by trade. He owns George Berlin Studios. His company focuses on creating large scale live art installation and immersive experiences that combine sound, animation, and projection mapping. His work has been featured in numerous museums and festivals including Chicago History Museum and Blink Cincinnati. He has performed work for organizations and clients including, NASA, Major Leauge Baseball, Accenture, and WWE.


Tipatat Chennavasin- General Partner & Co-founder of Venture Reality Fund

Tipatat Chennavasin is a General Partner of the Venture Reality Fund investing in early stage VR, AR, and AI companies. He has experience creating VR/AR content and became convinced of the power of VR when he accidentally cured himself of his real life fear of heights while developing in VR. He has established himself as an VR/AR industry spokesperson and thought leader, and has contributed to many publications and presented at various industry events worldwide. He is an adviser for many VR/AR companies as well as a mentor for VR/AR incubators and accelerators around the world. He is also a Google Artist in Residence and O'Reilly author about making art in VR. 

Michelle Brown- XR Artists

Michelle Brown is an Australian based new media artist and producer focused on immersive and interactive art installations and creating storytelling experiences in the extended reality space. She has produced documentary series for Australian television, created music videos and visuals for a variety of artists and festivals and has exhibited work internationally and around Australia.

As an XR artist, Michelle has had work featured in the Museum of Other Realities, Toronto New Wave Festival, STARMUS Festival, DreamlandXR Festival and has presented workshops and mentorship for emerging arts practitioners at the Brisbane International Film Festival, the Australian VR Film Festival, Byron Bay Film Festival plus more.

She runs the Australian XR artists collective along with Women XR artists groups, supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing to create an inclusive community.

Laura Hall (AKA The VR Girl)- XR Artist

The VR Girl is like the American version of Hatsune Miku. An artist who make music entirely in VR through Transzient, and runs a VR Vlog.

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